IMG_0015“I participated in a Reiki 1 weekend led by Dennis, and it was a truly magical weekend.  There were 16 of us who all arrived with different backgrounds and different expectations, but by the end of the 1st day, Dennis had taken us through various exercises that first helped us differentiate between Energy and Spirit, and then helped us tap into that infinite source called Spirit.  We were all moved in different ways and it was Dennis’ ability to make us all feel comfortable and safe that allowed us to open up to feelings and emotions that were very powerful.  The things that I experienced those 2 days are really very hard to describe, but it was a weekend that I will never forget.”  Grace S. 

“I took the Reiki II class with Dennis and it was very informative, hands on and fun. There was an adequate amount of time for each of us in the class to practice and apply what we had just learned on each other.”

“I have been to many of Dennis’s monthly Reiki circle/share’s and it has provided me with a great opportunity to practice what I have learned in my Reiki classes, fine tune my skills, as well as ask any questions I may have about the Reiki practice.”  Stacy N

“My Reiki level I weekend experience was truly “out of this world!” I’ve always considered myself to be a “spiritual” person and in tune with life’s energy, but when I was attuned by Dennis as a part of my Reiki I class, I truly began to understand just how powerful that life force energy could be. I felt more alive than I’ve ever felt. Not only did I feel more connected to the people in my Reiki circle, but I felt so much closer to what I call the spirit world. When I first arrived for my Reiki I class, I was open to anything (or so I thought)… I was used for demonstration purposes on the first day, and to make a long story short, I had chakras that were blocked and needed healing. After my attunement, and healing sessions with the class that weekend, those chakras were “opened” and ready to receive that healing. I went in with issues I hadn’t even realized I had buried deep within me, and I left that weekend smiling with my heart because I was at ease with those issues. Just being in Dennis’s presence that weekend brightened my inner light and made me feel like I was floating on clouds. The energy that he emits is incredibly remarkable. When I saw him and many of my fellow Reiki I classmates again after our first weekend meeting together, my mind and heart instantly went back to a feeling of calm, and desire to practice with them. Practicing Reiki gives me such internal peace. For me, it’s an awakening of the spirit and soul. I would highly encourage anyone looking for different ways of healing, whether it be spiritual, emotional, or even physical, to join in on Dennis’s Reiki circles and sessions. I am sure that you would be absolutely delighted, and enlightened by your experience”… Jamila (a.k.a. Jam)

I have taken Reiki II with Dennis and have attended the Reiki Circlehe has organized and made available to practitioners and the public.The gathering of practitioners at the Circle is an invaluable resource for all of us to unite and share the healing. Dennis is an intuitive teacher and an inspiration. I am looking forward to Reiki III with him and future Reiki Circles with everyone. Namaste, Gina Lippolis